It’s that time of year again. Summer is ending and the kiddos are preparing for school to be back in session. This is the time when parents are going over school supply lists and double checking that you have everything your student will need when the first day arrives. Paris Regional Medical Center wants to make sure your student stays safe when heading back to school.

Whether your student is starting school for the first time or returning to start a new grade, these are some tips you will want to review with them before the first day. The primary focus for school officials, law enforcement and parents is that your child’s commute to and from school is a safe and happy experience.  Here are tips to review with them.

Tips on Commuting to and from school:

It’s important to have guidelines and safety rules in place for your child’s commute to school. Whether they are riding the bus, a bike or walking to school.

School Bus

  • Remind your child to walk where he/she can see the bus driver
  • Advise them to always wait for the bus to stop before they approach


  • Review hand signals with your student, and make sure they know when to use them
  • Ensure that they always wear all safety gear, which means a helmet
  • Remind them to ride their bike on the right side, in the same direction as traffic


  • Go over the route your child will be walking to school to ensure it is safe.
  • Dressing your child in brightly colored clothing will help them be visible to drivers. Consider a brightly colored backpack.

Bonus tips:

  • Make sure your child knows who trusted adult figures are: law enforcement, store owners, or a teacher just to name a few.
  • Establish a code word with your student so they can identify those who are trusted adults should they encounter trouble.

We hope you and your child both feel ready to take on the school year being healthy and safe. Paris Regional Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services and specialties for our community. We are here should you or your loved ones need medical care with a genuine, compassionate team. For Information, call Paris Regional Medical Center at 903-785-4521. Have a safe school year!