On par with any Jeopardy contestant, Emergency Department nurses tend to acquire what’s referred to as “information overload”. At any given moment during an ER nurse’s shift, they’re primed and ready to provide lifesaving care to patients dependent on their urgency and skill. During the last week of October, Carolyn Kain, RN did just this as she intervened to save a patient’s life.

Carolyn, and her supervising physician, received a patient who presented with the signs and symptoms of a stroke. The patient was quickly diagnosed with a large vessel occlusion in the middle of their cerebral artery. They knew this was life threatening, and TPA (clot buster) was urgently administered.

As a nurse, providing emergent stroke care at a Primary Stroke Center is streamlined. Being a Primary Stroke Center, Paris Regional formed a highly trained Stroke Team to respond in critical situations such as this. The administration of TPA is carefully considered and discussed with the patient or family, along with other interventions. You may have heard, “Time saved is brain saved.”

In Carolyn’s story, a brain AND A LIFE were saved!