What is cardiac catheterization?

Cardiac catheterization is a method for diagnosing heart conditions. During a catheterization, your heart team inserts a tube through one of your blood vessels that is then guided to your heart. The cath tube checks the condition of your heart and coronary arteries, evaluates your heart valve performance and may identify a defect or issue that needs to be addressed and helps to determine the best treatment option.

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Catheterization typically takes about an hour. When it comes to a heart attack or other heart crisis, every minute matters. By offering rapid results, catheterization can play an important role in diagnosing heart conditions and helping guide your treatment plan.

Radial artery heart catheterization is an innovative technique that reduces recovery time and bleeding, and may provide a less stressful option for you. During a radial artery catheterization, someone from your care team will insert the cath through the radial artery in your wrist.