Noah had a stomach ache. Now, that’s not uncommon for a four-year old, but this one was a little different.

After a weekend away, Noah’s mom Courtney Outland said he returned home on a Sunday so uncomfortable that he couldn’t even strap into his car seat. “I thought, maybe he had some kind of gas or something, but it was persistent, so I thought I should bring him into the ER.,” she says.

Arriving at Paris Regional Medical Center, Outland says that she was encouraged by both the staff and level of attention immediately paid to Noah.

“Honestly, I was nervous about how much pain he was in and I was thinking it was going to take a while to get in,” Outland says. “But by the time I filled out paperwork, they pulled him straight back.”

Seeing your child in pain can be one of the hardest positions for any parent to find themselves in. Outland says that the PRMC staff made a scary situation feel manageable.

“They were so sweet and concerned,” she says. “There was one nurse, Sherri, who was amazing. She made Noah feel comfortable and when she put in his IV, she made a rainbow out of tape on his arm.”

Noah was wheeled to radiology for a CT scan that revealed he was suffering from intussusception, a condition more common to children under two where the intestine telescopes into itself, blocking the flow of fluids and blood in the area. If left untreated, that portion of the bowel can die.

PRMC is often the first point of contact for many needing care and the staff can make a quick determination whether to treat in Paris or send a patient to a number of specialty care facilities in the Dallas Metroplex area. Paris doctors made the determination to send Noah to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where a team used air to lengthen his bowel out again.

Weeks later, Noah was back to being a four-year-old again. And Courtney? She was just glad her son found a level of comfort and care at PRMC in a scary situation.

“Outside of it not happening, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”