Paris Regional offers a variety of special services to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. These special services include the following:

Patient Education

Educational materials relating to your health can be obtained from your nurse. In addition, the hospital’s medical library has health education tapes which your nurse may obtain for you to watch.


Letters and packages for patients are delivered by volunteers. Letters and parcels that arrive after you have been discharged are forwarded to your home. Stamps and stationary may be purchased in the gift shop. Outgoing mail may be left at the nurses’ station or given to a volunteer.


Flowers are delivered to your room by volunteers. Please keep in mind that large plants and flowers are difficult to deliver and remove upon discharge.


Newspapers may be purchased at the information desk in the main lobby or from racks at various locations.

Notary Public

The services of a notary public are available for patients free of charge. For information, call Ext. 1587 from a hospital telephone.

For the Hearing Impaired

A telecommunications device is available to help hearing impaired patients or for patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Arrangements can also be made to have a person who uses sign language help a hearing impaired or deaf patient. Contact your care provider.


The hospital has access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages, should a patient require it. Contact your care provider.


A library is available to patients and visitors at Paris Regional Medical Center-North. The library, designed for pleasure reading, is located on the first floor near the chapel.